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Given a set of 9 letters, create words that are 4 or more letters long. To create the words, you must use the center pink tile.

Each puzzle has at least one 9 letter word in the solution.

Gotta go?
If a call comes in or you need to quickly go - the game saves where you are - it's ready for you to come back later.
View your stats
Work your way up to genius as you add more words to your wordlist! The "stats" screen helps you work towards goals and lets you know the number of possible answers in the dictionary.
Dont' get stuck, move on
If you're stuck on a particular game, create a new one and then come back later! Visit the "games" screen to load previous games.
Play with friends
Use the "share" button to load the same game on two phones.  If you're on the train or waiting at a restaurant it's a great way to play together. Everyone gets their own word list - it's up to you to share answers!